"Entrepreneurship provides an exciting new career for millions of older Americans; one they would never have anticipated growing up in a world that presumed people’s work life would end at 65. Rick Terrien has provided a fabulous roadmap on how to approach this new chapter in life. His brilliant Ageless Startup is a handbook for how to shape your future, so your most rewarding work lies ahead — work that benefits you and makes a difference in the lives of countless others. A must for career planning for anyone over forty!"

--- Carl Schramm, former president of the Kauffman Foundation, author of Burn the Business Plan, serial entrepreneur, active venture investor, and professor at Syracuse University

“If you crave doing good for America there is little better possible than to read Rich Karlgaard’s classic book,  Late Bloomers followed by doing just exactly what Rick Terrien prescribes in his sensational new book, Ageless Startup.  World-changing!”

Ken Fisher
Best-selling author, global columnist
Founder and Executive Chairman
Fisher Investments

"Ageless Startup focuses on a critically important but often ignored topic which is the emerging “next career” for a growing segment of our population—the 40-65 age cohort. Rick Terrien shines a spotlight on this growing segment with timeless advice from an experienced entrepreneur. There is much for us to learn about the ongoing journey of entrepreneurship that knows no boundaries, no age limit or no career/life stage barrier. I applaud Rick for this important and necessary read."

--- Audrey J. Murrell, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of University of Pittsburgh, Honors College

"I love, love, love Rick Terrien’s myth-busting book Ageless Startup where research shows that it’s the 50-year-old, not the 20-year-old, who is more likely to start a successful business. Ageless Startup puts entrepreneurship back on the table as a potential income opportunity for older adults. It is a must-read, offering step-by-step guidance on how to start and grow your own business."

--- Elizabeth White, author of 55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal

"Ageless Startup takes Rick Terrien’s decades of entrepreneurial know-how and channels it into a guide to help other “ageless innovators” on their journey. Along the way, he shares tips from dozens of inspiring social entrepreneurs making their biggest impact in the second half of life as they work to create a better future for all. If you’re committed to pursuing later life creativity and innovation, you’ll find a kindred spirit in Rick!"

--- Eunice Lin Nichols, vice president and Gen2Gen co-chair, Encore.org

"With Ageless Startup, Rick Terrien has managed to make the book a fun read while providing practical, useful advice in a voice that is clear and supportive."

--- Karen Fulbright-Anderson, Ph.D., CEO of Fulbright-Anderson and Associates

"You have wisdom and maturity, and now with this book, you have the inside tactics you need to succeed at any age. Highly recommended, especially if you’re over 50."

--- Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits and The Miracle

"This book shares valuable how-to tips to start small, smart, and slow. If you see yourself embracing the exciting journey of entrepreneurship in the second half of life, delay no further and take the first step by reading this life-changing book."

--- Sharon Gregory, entrepreneur, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, founder and president of Hexagon Solutions and Beyond

"If you have experienced a loss of purpose, interest or direction during middle-aged or senior years, this book is a must read. Rick Terrien demonstrates the value in starting again and writing your own new chapter. He not only reveals the secret to discovering and igniting a new passion, but also how to ensure you renewed purpose uplifts others and changes communities."

--- Gregg Kander, Esq., 2019 Purpose Prize Fellow and general counsel for Sweet’N Low/Sugar in the Raw

"The business world would be a much more efficient, compassionate, and regenerative space if we conducted ourselves as Rick does. Ageless Startup represents the best of Rick’s entrepreneurial guidance."

--- Matt D’Amour, entrepreneur and holistic lifestyle coach

"After picking up a copy of Ageless Startup, I realized this was a game changer! You’re never too old to find new ways to leave your mark on the world and I would highly recommend Ageless Startup as the perfect roadmap to turning your dreams into reality…at any age!"

--- Russ Roberts, Executive Director of Waukesha County Technical College Small Business Center

"Ageless Startup has been a vital guidebook as I transition from paid employment into entrepreneurship. Rick Terrien’s book is a roadmap for giving yourself permission to explore entrepreneurship in the second half of life."

--- Joy Gieseke, entrepreneur and yarn enthusiast

"Ageless Startup brings attention and merit to a critical topic—capitalizing on your entrepreneurial spirit after the age of 45. Rick does a tremendous job of helping the reader understand why the entrepreneurial spirit is time-proof."

--- Wayne Jones, Ed.D., CEO of Penn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship

"Amidst the incessant din comes a wise book that speaks directly to those with a lifetime of knowledge, skills, networks, and a little available money...and helps us reflect on how we can leverage that into something that can produce a source of income and make the world a better place."

--- Gregg R. Baker, tenured and commissioned U.S. Foreign Service Officer with USAID and Chief Economist for USAID programs

"This book strikes me as absolutely the right message at the right time. Rick’s real-world experience and knowledge comes through, and as I learned fighting cancer almost 20 years ago. Knowledge Kills Fear."

--- Michael Hoadley, CCIM, PMP, and director of real estate at GlidePath Power Solutions

"Rick’s real-world wisdom and guidance show how to galvanize your life experience and finally break the wheel of discontentment. The result: unlocking the success behind what you want to do. Not what you ‘should.’"

- Dave Kwasnick, Clio One Show and American Advertising Federation national award winner, naturalist and educator.