John Golden

Dr. John Golden

Dr. John Golden teaches Law and Global Business in the School of Business at Slippery Rock University where he also serves as the University’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Chair of the President’s Commission on Sustainability. He is the managing director of the Sustainable Enterprise Center (SEA) at Slippery Rock, which assists new start-ups and existing businesses with sustainable growth opportunities. Dr. Golden serves on several boards of directors, profit and non-profit. He is the owner of Golden Intergroup, a private sustainable business consulting firm. He also practices law in the USA and internationally, specializing in commercial law.

  • Research and application in phased retirements. Best practices for companies and older workers as they transition to future work.
  • Opportunity recognition and assisting businesses with new growth opportunities; Law

Your current organization(s): Managing Director.  Slippery Rock University Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator (SEA)

Where do you call home: Pittsburgh area

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